Benefits of paddle boarding

Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding has been named the fastest growing outdoor activity in recent years, with the most participation. Wherever you go, you'll often encounter people paddling. This is a fun and relaxing exercise with great health benefits.

  1. Improve balance: The water is not smooth, and standing on a paddle requires a lot of core stability and leg strength to maintain balance.
  2. Full-body workout: Due to the balance required on a stand-up paddle board, the muscles in your legs will work to stabilize your center of gravity. Arms, back and shoulders work in harmony against the resistance of the paddle in the water. The core, back and abdominal muscles will be constantly working to maintain balance. If you try too hard or exercise for the first time, you will feel soreness in the muscles of your body, indicating that it has worked.
  3. Low-impact: Stand-up paddle boards are classified as a low-impact sport. Therefore, you are less likely to damage the tendons and ligaments of any joint.
  4. Stress reduction: Exercise helps reduce stress significantly, while water naturally soothes the body. That amazing feeling of "walking on water" as your wind rhythm tries to match your breath, it instantly removes stress! Overall Strength Increase: Feel the body after a day on the Stand Up Paddle Board A little pain is normal. This means that you are building up your overall physical strength.
  5. Cardio: If you have enough time to row on the water, you can also do aerobics. If you want your heart rate up, racing against your friends while paddling is even better.
  6. Cardiovascular Health: Paddleboarding helps avoid falling victim to heart attacks and strokes. Paddleboarding is similar to running, aerobics, and even cross-training, and can improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce the risk of related diseases.
  7. Get close to nature: Being balanced on the water, being in contact with nature will always have a positive effect on your mental health and attitude. Also, it's always good to get extra vitamin D from the sun.
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