how to go from novice to expert

How To Go From Novice To Expert?

Paddling is not an easy task, and beginners must know a few skills if they want to learn in a short time.

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  • Stand and row

Keep your feet as balanced as possible, shoulder-width apart, and stand in the middle of the paddle.

Keep your feet forward, knees bent forward, and back straight.

Use your hips for balance, not your upper body.

Keeping your head and shoulders straight and steady, use your glutes to position your body.

Look straight ahead, not just your feet.

  • Sit and row

Newcomer pose, master the best balance, and play in the water with the fish that are approaching.

Straighten your feet to ensure the smoothness of the row.

Sitting and rowing is much easier, just keep your center of gravity in the middle of the paddle.

  • Kneeling and rowing

Master the balance, maximize core strength, fast and furious!

Kneel on the board with both knees and adjust your position as needed until the board feels stable enough.

Keeping your head and shoulders stopped and steady, use your legs to adjust your body position.

  • Lie down and relax

There is no most casual, only more casual.

After lying flat, the whole sky is in front of your eyes. Once you've mastered your balance, it's time to start enjoying your paddling.

So if there is a will, it will happen. Come on!

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