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Talking About Inflatable Paddle Boards

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When you lift a paddle, what comes to your mind? Is it the thrill of surfing on the beach, paddling on a quiet lake, or exploring a river with rapids? Let me tell you now!

  1. What is a paddle board?

The name thinks straight up, stands on the water, stand upright on the single meaning. Because the board stands for about 60 hours, on the local beach, it is used for the convenience of management and convenient movement. The field of view makes it easy to observe what's going on around you, and you can expect to see its surges that are easy to learn, suitable for places that have worked well in recent years, and those that have been in use in recent years. But in the process of balancing abilities, such as planning abilities, can be done within an hour. 

However, the ability to balance must be mastered within an hour. This skill varies from person to person. The person with the best balance may soon be better than the opposite. Since it takes a few days to master it, don’t worry about it. Paddles are definitely better at mastering balance than surfboards. It's its high engagement and curtain wall features that make it one of those SUP paddleboards that even rookie players can get their hands on right away, which is now America's watersports. The whole process is Stand Up Paddle, referred to as SUP, so paddle board players are also SUPER! Leisure time, enjoy the sunshine together, and enjoy a happy thing, it is also a happy thing.

    2. Paddle board weight and volume

The volume and weight of the paddle board are two very important reference factors when choosing a board.

  • Volume: The volume of the board can be expressed in liters. The buoyancy created by the volume of the board makes the board capable of carrying heavy loads. The larger the volume of the board, the more weight it can carry. If a board is wide and thick, it can have good buoyancy. In the same way, if the long board is narrow and thin, the buoyancy will not work. So, if a 200-pound surfer wants to surf, he can choose a short, maneuverable, but bulky board.

  • Load capacity: Each board has a certain load capacity. It is very important to know the load capacity of the board. If your weight is too heavy for your board, your board will have a deep draft and it will not be easy to paddle.

    3. Paddle board complete equipments

-Paddle board

-Removable sup fins (increases water control and stability)

-Adjustable aluminum paddle (the paddle is generally 15-20 cm higher than the user for the best effect)

-High pressure pump (Easy to inflate and deflate at any time, small size, easy to carry)

-Travel bag (30L large capacity, good waterproof performance)

-Elastic sup leash (High quality material for easy carrying)

-Foot rope (The foot rope can be connected to your paddle board, which is convenient for you to get on the board quickly when you fall into the water. At the same time, the buoyancy of the paddle board itself ensures the safety of the player to a certain extent.)

-Waterproof phone touch (Excellent waterproof ability allows you to carry your mobile phone to record a good life at any time)

-Life jacket (check whether all functions of the car are complete before launching, put an end to slack, and safety first. This product is not yet available)

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