About us

Funwater is a leading water sports brand. We focus on manufacturing high-quality, high-performance surfboards. Mainly engaged in the production, design and research and development of outdoor products such as inflatable water skis, inflatable boats, canoes, and water yoga platforms; operating through cross-border e-commerce platforms,the products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions, including United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe, etc.



 A young ethnic Chinese man who grew up in Florida, loves water surfing very much. He works in a technology company, doing boring and repetitive work every day. He only closed his eyes on the paddle board to feel the sea breeze, water, birdsong, sunshine, sand, laughter. . . Only then did I feel that the world turned out to be so beautiful. Why not let everyone enjoy all this. 

Frustratingly, we found that most cheap surf paddle boards have a poor user experience, while high-end sports equipment is quite expensive. By chance, after getting a deeper understanding of the industry, he decided to quit his original job as the company, and never looked back since. Founded a fast-growing Funwater company in 2016 and is one of the largest online paddle board retailers. 

From the start, our original intention was to create cost-effective and high-quality products. We proudly provide customers with reasonable prices, and are committed to bringing the concept of leisure and health to everyone, every family, and every organization, so as to build a balance of everything Harmonious world. Funwater insists on product as the core, customer experience as the orientation, and continuous innovation around customer needs.


"Become the ultimate adventure brand for paddle lovers"

We are all about having fun and living life at its fullest. We create the ultimate experience to taste the adventurous side of this life.

You can create amazing memories with it, every single second you spend with FUNWATER will bring youcloser to the adventure you have been looking for. We have the purpose of being a part of your favorite weekend or a family getaway. Every time you paddle, it creates a smile and this makes our efforts worth it.

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"North America Master Distributor" 

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