Stefania is a visual designer, she creates graphic and social content for companies and for some years she also have been a Yoga instructor. In particular of Flying Yoga, the discipline that has changed the perception of her body and its movement in space.


Strong Connection With Nature

She grew up surrounded by the sea and feels a strong connection with nature. The first time to put her feet on the sup, it was immediately love and was as if she had always done this sport, which gives her a great sense of peace, relax also so much joy.

“I love sports that are based on the search for balance such as yoga and the stand-up paddle... these are activities that make you live the moment, ‘here and now’, giving moments of pure well-being for mind and body.”


Sense Space With Body

“My name is Stefania, I was born and raised in Salento, the southernmost part of Puglia, the heel of Italy.

Design and yoga for me are strongly connected in the creation of visual harmony, whether static or dynamic, it is a search for beauty made of proportions and alignments.”


Pleasant Sharing

Q:The one you recommend

A:“At this moment, I love to hang around with the Tiki board. I chose this board specially for its large size:

it allows me to explore alone or in a group (family & pet) and also practice yoga on it surrounded by the sea.”

Q:Your favorite place to paddle boarding

A:“My favorite is the rocky beaches, with high coasts and deep waters like the Adriatic coast of Salento, here in Italy.”